Our Mission

MagnaBrushTo provide quality forensic analysis, world-class training, and expert consulting using a network of distinguished forensic professionals.


“Professionalism motivated by integrity.”

The members of Elite Forensic Services, LLC are dedicated to providing high caliber professionalism in the work that we do, but at a reasonable cost.  The consultants on our team all have diverse expertise in various forensic disciplines and true depth of knowledge and experience within their respective subjects. We don’t believe in “Jacks of All Trades”.  We use only the most knowledgeable and elite experts available.

The members of Elite Forensic Services, LLC are highly motivated and passionate about our respective forensic fields of expertise. This is apparent in the energy and excitement for forensic science that we bring when we lecture, give workshops, or engage in discussion on forensic issues.  The consultants on our team are actively involved in discussing key issues, creating national standards, or performing relevant research. Forensic science is our passion.

The members of Elite Forensic Services, LLC demonstrate a high level of integrity.  Integrity to us includes, of course, honesty and trustworthiness, but also includes the use of valid scientific approaches and open candor about the strengths and limitations of the science that we use.  We recognize a dire need for defense to have equal access to forensic services, but whether we work for defense or prosecution, the results of the examination will be the same.  They will be within the reasonable bounds of the science.